**NOTE** While the browser build is perfectly playable and enjoyable, we recommend the downloadable version if you'd like to play the game with sharper graphics, superior lighting, 3D soundscapes, and better support when playing with a controller.


Finally, you have a lead on Sammy's whereabouts. Of course the clues pointed to a spooky, abandoned mansion - how cliché. But whatever, you have no choice. Can you traverse the darkness and get your beloved Sammy back?


Light may be scarce in the mansion, but you have bullets to spare. Shoot to light up the scene and take in your surroundings.  You will have to maneuver, jump, and climb the dilapidated halls, solve puzzles, and... a few other surprises.  Complete each room by reaching the green door. Your bullets refresh every level.


  • MOVE: Left Stick or WASD
  • LOOK: Right Stick or Mouse
  • JUMP: South Button or Space Bar
  • INTERACT: West Button or E Key
  • SHOOT: Right Trigger or Left Click
  • AIM: Left Trigger or Right Click
  • PAUSE: Start or Enter

**NOTE** The default setting for look sensitivity on mouse and keyboard is too high for a lot of players. This can be adjusted in the pause menu.


Shot in the Dark was created for GAME OFF 2022 by Cave Tower Studios, a two-person game dev team based in Los Angeles, California, consisting of Patrick Fye and Matt Tye. 

Many thanks to our wonderful voice actor, Jonathan Yglesias.

And thank you to our play testers: Kyle Cobos, Krissy Tye, Kenny Tye, and Alyssa Fye.



ShotInTheDark_Mac_1.0.1.zip 132 MB
ShotInTheDark_Windows_1.0.1.zip 121 MB

Install instructions

If you do prefer to use a controller, make sure you press start at the menu screen to start the game rather than enter on your keyboard. This will allow the proper graphics and look sensitivities to be loaded.

Development log


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Perfect game, loving it

Congrats on 2nd place overall and first in audio! This was such an incredible game. I love how the sounds drag you into the storyline. Innovative way to play a game (with only 6 shots to be able to see), loving the voice over (kudos on whoever did that), great way to pull a player through a heartfelt story. I did lose the 'plot' a couple of times, but easily found my way again. Fantastic job. We played it for the GitHub Game Off live stream, check it out: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1712466363

Congratulations for 2nd place overall and 1st place in the Audio category!

Thanks! We're honored and excited.

I just love it!! :) The game itself is great and unique! The voice acting was excellent, and in some part of the game it made me smile :) Sammy is so cute, hope that they will get out of that forsaken place in one piece!! Nevertheless it was a lot of fun!


Thanks! Love hearing that you enjoyed it!

Love the carpet 😊 Very interesting concept, good voice acting and solid gameplay. Also, I liked the art style. Happy to see that Sammy is OK, but wondering now – how did they get out of there? Do I smell a sequel? 😉

We love the carpet too. :)

And possibly a sequel... Or maybe a longer experience. We will see 8)

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Really solid game! Love the spookiness, cinematics, and voice acting . And of course Sammy. :)

I will say the look is a little touchy but then I realized you can adjust it on the pause screen. Other than that, no complaints. 

Good job!


great jobs